Toyota RAV

The Toyota RAV, a model that offers recreational Active 4 wheel drive is a hybrid SUV from Toyota. It has the advantages of space and the great size of an SUV providing performance and ability that is seen in a compact car. The auto market is happier to have large cars because of the perceived security and domination, while trying to maintain the accessibility and efficiency of small cars. Other manufacturers have followed suit with similar, smaller than the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV models. The Toyota RAV was sold only in the countries of Europe by Toyota of Japan when it was introduced in 1994. But the Toyota RAV was then introduced to the automotive market in North America two years later, in 1996.

Toyota RAV

The first variant of the Toyota RAV arrived between 1996 and the year 2000, with options of two and four doors. Both manual and automatic transmission was developed for the markets of America, Europe and Japan. A facelift was given to the Toyota RAV in 1998, introduced with two variations in hood doors, which was only sold in the U.S. market. During the year 2000, the second generation Toyota RAV was introduced, two versions of which were produced. Edge-based models and cruiser models were without color-coded bumpers. The year 2004 saw a car with updated new looks and restructured equipment. With the pace of sales of the Toyota RAV, a new generation was introduced; the Toyota RAV CV Sport. It was introduced in the year 2005 with a sportier and more aggressive style. After much research and examination of the various models such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara, Honda HRV, Honda CRV, Land Rover Freelander and the Daihatsu Terios, it was found that they have a short wheelbase (SWB). The first thing that stands out with the Toyota RAV is that it seems much more elegant than the other 4×4 in the same class, particularly the diesel version.

It turns out that the diesel engine that comes with the Toyota RAV is very effective, is now back with the average 41.7 mpg that is mostly comfortable for city driving. Another advantage of the Toyota RAV engine is its low CO2 output (190g/km), which is a 4×4 track of all the competitors there because it has less emission as compared to most cars. It should be noted that with the increase in the excise duties on vehicles, the vehicles could be very expensive, but you can count on saving money with regards to fuel efficiency with the Toyota RAV.

The Toyota RAV pulls very strongly through each gear and easily exceeds 100 mph. The Toyota RAV presents itself as a full-time 4-wheel drive. The Toyota RAV 4×4 factor is really on its own and is excellent even during extreme weather conditions. This means that it can handle better and safer drive with the help of electronic brake distribution (EBD) making you feel even more comfortable to drive this car in bad weather conditions than any other standard cars. When we ride a Toyota RAV, the pleasure of driving is automatically felt by the one who is sitting in the driver’s seat of the car.


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